Pioneer Works of Dr. Moonje


Across Party Lines Dr BS Moonje’s work was well admired by the First President of India Late Rajendra Prasad, then President V V Giri, then Governor of Maharashtra Ali Yavar Jung, Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Dalit Leader Jagjiwanram, then Defence Minister K C Pant and then Central Cabinet Minister Vasant Sathe. There is an archive document to prove this.


Dr Moonje was a freedom fighter of All India Stature. He was the only Leader who was never arrested by the British Rulers since they had tremendous respect for him. Just like SALT Satyagraha, Jungle Satyagraha was held at Yavatmal (near Nagpur) and Dr Moonje took part in it with his followers. He was arrested by the police for short time but was immediately released. Contrary to this, when then Chief of RSS Dr Keshavrao Hedgewar took part in it, he was sent to jail for 11 months. Dr Moonje conducted several agitations against British Rulers under his Leadership. British government also knew that Dr Moonje has got close contacts with Revolutionaries of West Bengal and Sawarkar brothers. It is very interesting to note that on several occasions police had declared ban on Dr Moonje’s speeches and public rallies but they never had the MORAL FIBER to arrest him (send to Jail) or nor physically impose ban on his public rallies. He used to openly violate imposed Bans and Ironically, got financial support from Britishers to his Military School project. Such was his Charisma and Greatness.


He is the First Hindu Leader to tour undivided India to study Socio-Political-Religious issues faced by Indian people. He traveled entire India many times in those days when communication and travel facilities were inadequate. The only Hindu Leader who was Scholar in Sanskrit, English, Hindi & Marathi.


He is the First Indian Leader to take part in Boer War in South Africa (in any War for that matter) as a Medical Wing Army Officer (Short Service Commission).


He is the First Indian Leader to tour European Countries (1930-31) after First World War. He visited England, France, Germany and Italy to study Cadet Training Institutes. He also met then Military Chiefs of these countries to discuss military training matters. No other Indian Leader thought of studying Military Training for strengthening India.


He is the First & only Indian politician to become Member of FIRST DEFENCE COMMITTEE OF INDIA & CADET SELECTION COMMITTEE for selecting Indian youth as trainee officers, as was appointed by then British Government.


He is the First and Only Indian politician who took initiative in starting entry of Indian youth in Royal British Military on Officer Rank and who took untiring efforts to start Indian Military Academy at Dehradun as the first Indian Cadet Training Institute.


He is the First Indian to OFFICIALLY start “First Rifle Association” at Nagpur and different parts of India.


He is the First Indian to start a private Military School at Nashik in 1936 as a feeder institute to Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. He also got blessings from British Government.


He is the First Doctor in the world to successfully carry out “CATARACT SURGERY” as an eye surgeon. He published a book “NETRA CHIKISTA” in Sanskrit on this research. His claim was not approved by British Rulers as Indians (Black people) got racist treatment.


He was the only Hindu Leader invited by British Government for “Round Table Conference”. As All India President of Hindu Mahasabha he twice participated in Round table Conference at London to protect the rights of Hindus (1931-32).


He is the First Hindu politician to invent the method of re-conversion for converted Hindus wanting to come back to Hindu religion. He studied “DEVAL SMRUTI” to know the provisions in Hindu Shastra and found out a ritual to perform this Re-conversion. However, Orthodox Brahmins opposed this move but to counter it Dr Moonje garnered support of then Shankaracharya Dr Kurtakoti. As a result thousands of Muslims and Christians were RECONVERTED to Hindu fold.


He was always in contact with the revolutionary members of Bengal and other states. He always opposed Gandhiji’s impractical idea of AHIMSA and Hindu – Muslim unity, for gaining freedom from British aggression. His idea of AHIMSA was fairly practical. Dr Moonje used to say, I will tolerate three punches from my adversary but will give a strong fourth punch to him so that he won’t dare to hit me back. Despite the differences with Gandhiji he had a good personal relation with him. He also opposed partition of India and formation of Pakistan.


Dr Moonje met & convinced Dalit Leader Dr BR Ambedkar to remain in a religion of Indian origin and culture by converting either to Sikhism or Buddhism. Dr Ambedkar had got lucrative offers from Muslim and Christian Missionaries to adopt their religion. Due to Dr Moonje’s efforts Dr Ambedkar decided to convert in to a religion of Indian origin. Firstly he thought of Sikhism but finally selected to Buddhism. This was a major contribution of Dr Moonje. Thus India remained a Hindu majority state.

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