Dr. Balkrishna Shivramji Moonje


Dharmaveer Dr. Balakrishna Shivram Moonje ( Dr. B. S. Moonje, Dr. Moonje  (12 December 1872 – 3 March 1948 ) was a leader of the Hindu Mahasabha in India.

During pre-independence era when everyone was busy in reciting and chanting NON-VIOLENCE RAGA OF GANDHI, Dr Moonje was the only Indian politician who talked about Militarisation of India. British Rulers were reluctant to give Officer Rank to Indian youth. Even when the “Officer Entry” was denied for Indians, Dr Moonje ardently and passionately battled against British Policy of disarming Indians. British rulers used to ridicule Indians saying that they don’t have Military Officer like qualities in them. He was an Elected Member of Central Legislative Assembly (British Regime) from 1927 to 1931. He presented a private Bill to start a Cadet Training Academy at Dehradun. After long discussion and debate the BILL was passed and Indian Military Academy was started at Dehradun by British Government. Thus the process of Indianisation of Royal British Army ( British Army )  was started because of Dr B S Moonje. Dr Moonje had to pay a very heavy cost for adopting policies contrary to Gandhiji. At that time when Indian people were overwhelmed by Gandhiji’s Non Violence Policy he used to vehemently talk about Physical and Military Training of the Indian youth. Paradoxically, Gandhi followers were intolerant about any other idea from any other Leader (again contrary to idea of non violence ). Dr Moonje was insulted as a warmonger. Demonstrations, at Nagpur, were held by Gandhi supporters to protest against Dr Moonje’s policy. Dr Moonje’s effigy was burnt and derogatory slogans against Dr Moonje were given but Dr Moonje never changed his stand by an inch. Unaffected by this, The First Chief of RSS Pujania Dr K B Hedgewar felicitated Dr Moonje by saying that “Quality of a Leader is not into following the public but to insist on the truth of your conviction”. “A leader is not supposed to follow people but instead he should convince people to follow him”. Dr Hedgewar praised and said that Dr Moonje has passed this test by consistently insisting on the truth of his conviction and in later years the entire nation followed him.


It is noteworthy here that after a shameful defeat in Indo-China War in 1962, the whole nation started talking on Military preparedness. The then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the then Defence Minister of India had no face to show to people. In the speech given in the Central Legislative Assembly (Read the entire speech “ADVOCATE OF MILITARY TRAININGDr Moonje had warned and expressed his serious concern over the possible attack from China, during his tenure in 1927 to 1931 in the Assembly. His speech was also well admired by then British Military Top Commanders. This was victory of Dr Moonje’s Ideology and a total defeat of Nehru – Gandhian Non Violence Policy.


Dr. B.S Moonje had his school life at Bilaspur and RaipurMadhya Pradesh ) ( now Chhattisgarh ); and became the Doctor from Grant Medical College Mumbai (Maharashtra) in 1898.


He gained recognition as the multifaceted personality, Doctor by profession; well versed in shastras; and vigorously active politician, later named as "Dharmaveer" Dr. B. S. Moonje.

Career and Involvement with Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Moonje was recognized as a freedom fighter and a strong supporter of Bal Gangadhar Tilak. In 1907, the Congress Party's annual session was held at Surat, where conflict arose between the "moderate" faction and the "extremist" faction, led by Lala Lajpat RaiBal Gangadhar Tilak, and Bipin Chandra Pal, over the selection of a new president. Due to Moonje's support of Tilak during the session, Tilak's trust in Moonje led to a strong relationship between the two. As a result, Moonje toured the entire Central India and collected funds for Tilak on many occasions. Moonje also introduced Ganesh and Shivaji Festivals in Central India and accompanied Tilak to Calcutta for this . He was The General Secretary of Central Indian Provincial Congress for many years.


The Bhonsala Military School in Nasik was established by him to provide military training to Hindus. All the institutions he founded are still running, some of them have completed their Diamond Jubilee. He also started a Marathi Newspaper known as Daily Maharashtra in Nagpur. The very Bhonsala Military School which was founded by Dr. B. S. Moonje has produced sanatani nationalist filmmaker Megastar Aazaad. Aazaad feels and considers himself as the intellectual offspring of the revolutionary Dr. B.S. Moonje.

Sanatani Megastar Aazaad, who has been introduced by the legendary film company, The Bombay Talkies Studios hails from the holy city of Kashi i.e. Varanasi (Banaras) which is mythologically known as the city of Lord Shiva. Nationalist Sanatani Megastar Aazaad is a great devotee of Lord Shiva although he is born and brought up in the city of Mumba Devi, Mumbai. Aazaad, an alumnus of Bhonsala Military School, Nashik, which was founded by Dr. B.S. Moonje who founded RSS along with Keshav Baliram Hedgewar and others in 1925. In 1935, Dr. B.S. Moonje established the Central Hindu Military Education Society at Nashik with the aim of 'Indianisation' of the army ( Indian Defence ) and started 'Bhonsala Military School' in 1937. Dr. B.S. Moonje also was the All India President of the Hindu Mahasabha from 1927 until he handed over the charge to Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in 1937..

In the divine memory of the legendary Dr. B.S. Moonje, the first nationalist Megastar of India Aazaad representing the thoughts and philosophy of legendary Dr. B.S. Moonje. The confidant of Megastar Aazaad ( रामदंडी महानायक आज़ाद ) along with the cinematic giant and pillar of Indian Cinema Rajnarayan Dube's legendary film company The Bombay Talkies Studios and one of the most eminent female personalities of India Nationalist Female Producer Kamini Dube ( कामिनी दुबे ), Vishwa Sahitya Parishad ( विश्व साहित्य परिषद् )World Literature Organization, Aazaad Federation, Dube Industries have made a historic attempt to publish, protect and project the ultimate truth of India on the global stage. To spread the thoughts and philosophy of Dr. Moonje, Megastar Aazaad ( रामदंडी महानायक आज़ाद ) created the first film based on the thoughts and philosophy of greatest revolutionary Chandrashekhar Azad, Rashtraputra ( राष्ट्रपुत्र ), The magnum opus Rashtraputra ( राष्ट्रपुत्र ) flagged at 72nd Festival De Cannes, France (Marche Du Film) on 21st May 2019, Riviera. The team had successfully premiered the ultimate cinematic creation of nationalist filmmaker Megastar Aazaad in the world’s most glamorous and prestigious cine extravaganza and earned huge respect at the arena and received enormous applause and appreciation from the global audience.

After the grand success of Rashtraputra ( राष्ट्रपुत्र ), Megastar Aazaad created a mega movie in Indian Ancient Language SANSKRIT titled Aham Brahmasmi ( अहं ब्रह्मास्मि ) which is the first mainstream feature film in the history of the world. The great purpose of Ramdandee Megastar Aazaad is to rejuvenate the ancient languages of the world and to create meaningful, relevant, thought-provoking cinema. So that the world of today, acquaint with the forgotten languages and traditions. Our ambition is to entertain and unite the global audience by means of cinema.

​After the grand success of magnum opus creation Rashtraputra ( राष्ट्रपुत्र ) and first mainstream Sanskrit film in the history of world Aham Brahmasmi ( अहं ब्रह्मास्मि ), Ramdandee Megastar Aazaad ( रामदंडी महानायक आज़ाद ) expands and extends his creative arena to Tamil Nadu. Aazaad creates his first Tamil mega-movie Mahanayakan ( மகா நாயகன் ) to pay respect to the ancient classical language Tamil and Tamil loving cine audience. Ramdandee Megastar Aazaad told in a loud and clear manner with his characteristic baritone that he is here to fill the gap, distance, and difference of culture. He has a noble purpose to unite the north and south part of India with his cinematic talent.

Filmmaker and Ramdandee Megastar Aazaad ( रामदंडी महानायक आज़ाद ) has created his cinematic extravaganza Mahanayakan ( மகா நாயகன் ) in Tamil to salute and pay respect to the enthusiastic and enlightened cine lovers of south India and has devoted his whole life to the mission of rejuvenating the ancient and forgotten languages worldwide and to unite the lingual division throughout the world by the means of art, literature, and cinematic creations.

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